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Blue Skies Bookkeeping


The pandemic-era tax break that remains rife with abuse - the erc


My name is Ashley Reina and I care about my clients! I want you to succeed and thrive. I want you to find your financial balance so that you can live the life you want.

Your success is my success!

Most business owners are dissatisfied with their bookkeeping because most bookkeepers are only interested in transactions and reports.

I work a little bit differently.

Of course, I am going to reconcile your transactions and produce financial statements for you. I will also watch for trends, alert you to money "leaks", and keep an eye out for opportunities to improve your cash flow.

My philosophy:

"You will get all that you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want."   

~Zig Ziglar

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How I Can

Help You

Make building your business your focus...

             Let me focus on providing you with important information so you can             

             make key strategic decisions.

Don't spend your time chasing down your money...

           I can make sure your Accounts Receivables are no longer a thorn in your side


Never again wonder how your business is performing...

          We can use financial indicators to evaluate your business's      

          performance and compare it to that of other companies in your field.

Robots can only do so much...

          If you would prefer to work with a person who actually cares about you and the success of your business, you are in the right place!

Reduce your stress and worry...

          When you know that your finances are in line, that weight will be lifted and you                    can breathe easier!

Client Testimonial-

"Have really enjoyed working with Ashley and Blue Skies Bookkeeping. I've been using her services for the last 6 months and have nothing but positive things to say. She was able to clean up my books in a timely manner so my mind could rest at ease and, overall, I've found her to be professional, patient, organized, and easy to communicate with. If she doesn't know the answer to a question I have, she'll go the extra mile to find out for me. Contact her for all your bookkeeping needs!"

~Scott, Adventure Learning Program

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