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Frequently Asked Questions About Bookkeeping

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

"Bookkeeping should not be a distraction, but instead a fluid process to manage."

Q - Do I lose control of my financials by outsourcing my bookkeeping?

A - Definitely not! You should be wary of anyone who wants to keep your information on their server, or anywhere you can't access it whenever you want. It still belongs to you, I am just helping you maintain it!

Q - What accounting software do you work with?

A - I am certified in Quick Books Online and Xero and I have experience with Quick Books Desktop.

Q - Do you replace my CPA?

A - I do not replace your CPA. I am not certified to prepare taxes. I work in tandem with your CPA or Tax Preparer. My job is to maintain your accounts and other financials on a daily or weekly basis. Each month I will produce your financial reports and hold a meeting with you to discuss them. I reconcile your bank and credit accounts and make sure everything is correctly entered and that nothing is missing or duplicated. When you are ready to file taxes, your CPA will use the information I have prepared all year in order to file them correctly and get you the maximum deductions.

Q - Why do I need both a bookkeeper and CPA?

A - CPAs tend to charge quite a bit more per hour than bookkeepers do. When your bookkeeper maintains your books properly, it makes preparing your taxes take less work which equals less time. We work together to make sure your tax season is less stressful and you should get the maximum deductions!

Q - Do you communicate with my CPA or Tax Advisor?

A - Only if you want me to! I can ask questions you may not have thought of. We can work as a team which can be beneficial to you. If you would prefer to communicate with your CPA yourself, that is your choice.

Q - Can other people access my data?

A - NO! Your financial information is housed inside of cloud-based software that is locked down by passwords and is Verisign secured. Only you can add users to your account. I also use Roboform to keep all sensitive passwords secret

Q - How much do bookkeepers cost?

A - That depends greatly on a number of factors. According to the average in-house bookkeeper costs roughly $40,000 per year to employ. Rates for outsourced bookkeepers vary anywhere from $25 to $100 per hour.

Q - Why do you cost more than some others I have talked to?

A - There is nothing more expensive than a bad bookkeeper! You usually get what you pay for, so be careful trying to find the cheapest one out there.

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